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Site rules

It is forbidden to use any outside help, including computer help (except when when the user have checked the "I use computer help" box in their profile). If you have suspicions that one of the players uses computer help, you can use the "Report" button on the user's profile page.

If administrators decide that a user was using computer help at any time, the decision is final. Administrators have no obligations to disclose the means of detecting computer help or prove their accuracy.

For all sections of the site where users can leave messages (chatrooms, forums, PMs) the following is forbidden:
1. Using offensive language, including disguised offensive language
2. Offensive language
3. Insulting other users or administration
4. Threats towards players or administration
5. Unfounded accusations, lying, deliberately twisting statements made by other users or administration
6. Provocations – trying to incite strong reaction to something
7. Discuss politics agressively
8. Flooding
9. Spam
10. Advertisement
11. Purposeful corruption of words

One player can have multiple accounts, as long as they abide by the following rules:
1. One of the accounts must be primary, all others are secondary
2. All secondary accounts must include the primary account in the "About me" field.
3. A user can only join a team with his primary account. Joining a team (either the same as with the primary account or any other team) is not allowed.
4. One user cannot set up rated tournaments between his or her accounts
5. One user is not allowed to play in a tournament from more than one account

Запрещается использовать прокси-серверы и VPN для обхода блокировок на сайте. В случае нарушения этого правила соответствующие аккаунты могут быть заблокированы.

Регистрация на сайте подразумевает согласие на получение рекламных и новостных рассылок по электронной почте. От получения рассылок можно отписаться при регистрации или по ссылке из рассылок.