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Manual of Chess Strategy, volume 2

7.99 USD Theory not translated 0 / 432 0 / 161 Advanced 1600 - 2400 No subscription
Tags: Strategy
Two famous grandmasters, chess theorists and trainers, Sakaev and Landa, attempt to "seize the unsiezable": outline and elaborate on all of the most important elements of chess strategy that every competent player must be aware of. Hand-picked, deeply analyzed games and excerpts come both from classical, well-known pieces and modern practice. Volume 2 has two parts: "Pawn: the soul of chess" and "Game dynamics". The book is aimed primarily at ELO 1800-2200 players, but even more experienced learners will probably find plenty of useful advice and guidelines. Suitable both for self-study and for use in specialized chess schools. Includes 432 instructional examples and 164 exercises for practice.