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Buying and working with courses
For Web interface
Only registered users can buy subscriptions and full courses. Click "Register" and fill in all required fields. If you already have an account, click "Log in" and enter your username and password, or log in using a social network account. After the payment is complete, your account will receive access to the courses you purchased. Subs can only be purchased in the Subscription Management section of our website.
In Google Play and App Store, you can only buy full access to courses, not subscriptions. If you want a subscription, purchase it on this site - and you will automatically gain access to the related courses on your phone for the period in question (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year).
Attention: enter your username and password you used to pay.
You can now use the course - all theoretical and practical sections are available. Note that not all courses are available under subscription. The subscription only works for the platforms listed under the sub type you selected.
For Android and iOS
You can find our courses in Google Play and App Store - just search for 'chess king' and download any of our 60 training courses.
Select a course and click "Install" - and the app will be installed on your device. Click "Start" and enter the username and password from the account you used to buy subscription, then click "Connect" to sign in. You can now use the course.
If you are not registered, click "Registration" and fill in all required fields.
You can skip registering at Chess King and just use phone apps, but in that case your stats will not sync between devices, and you risk losing your progress if you have problems with your device.

In addition, you can try our courses - just download the respective apps. The access will be limited, but you can buy the full version at any moment. In the "Main" section, select "Buy" and choose your preferred method of payment. In the lower part of the main page, click on "Details" to see a detailed dable with courses by level.
Purchasing subscriptions is only available on our site, in the Subscription Management section. In Google Play and App Store you can only buy full courses. So, if you want a subscription, buy it on our site and you will get access to the course's contents in the app for the period of subscription.
Ultimate – allows working with our courses on all platforms (Web, Android, iOS)
If you choose the Ultimate version, you will be able to work with our courses both in this Web interface, and Android / iOS apps.
Trainer starting to work with students
My students
Image 1
Image 1
"Current" – the students currently on your list
"Requests" – users who want to study with you
"Former" – students you taught previously
"Import" – you can add students here by listing them according to example. This is convenient for creating multiple student accounts with set usernames and passwords which youy can then give to your students.
A trainer can give out any number of recommendations. One recommendation can include a section of a course or a whole course. However, one recommendation cannot contain multiple different sections from the same or different courses.

Open the course you want to recommend, select a section in the table of contents Image 2
Image 2
On the task page, you have a special "Recommend" button (marked red in Picture 3) Image 3
Image 3
Click "Recommend" to see the list courses and students you can recommend them to. It can be a whole course, a section of the course (a lesson) or a specific exercise from a course. Image 4
Image 4
After you recommend materials to your students, they will see them in the Trainers -> Recommendations section. Image 5
Image 5
This section lists your recommendations Image 6
Image 6
This page shows how many points the student has gained from tasks you recommended (if the task was practical).
Student statistics
To see the statistics of your students, go to the "Trainers" -> "My students" section and click "Statistics" next to a student. Image 7
Image 7
You can also go to the Statistics section and watch a student's statistics by selecting them from the dropdown list (marked red in Picture 8). Image 8
Image 8
This page shows changes in your student's playing reting. The reating changes after every 10 tasks solved. You can change display options: last 24 hours, month or month averages. You can also view the latest 10 changes.
Statistics by course - progress in a certain course
You can exchange IM's with ypur students in the Trainers -> Chat section. Only you and your students can message there. Image 9
Image 9
Private messages
You can exchange personal messages with your students: go to the "Trainers" -> "My students" page and click "Send" next to a student. If you sent any messages to that student previously, you can also click on the envelope button at the top of the screen or "Messages" in your profile, then select the said student from the list on the left. Image 10
Image 10
In this section you can discuss different topics with your students

To add a new forum, go to Trainers -> Forums and click "Create trainer's forum" Image 11
Image 11
Add subforums. Fill in the title, add description if needed. Image 12
Image 12
In subforums, you can add topics to discuss - go to the subforum in question and click "Add topic". Image 13
Image 13
You can edit any topic, add text.
Your students will be able to discuss various topics in the Trainer -> Forum section. Image 14
Image 14
To announce a lesson or another event, click "Add" in the "Announcements" section of your trainer profile. Image 15
Image 15
Active players can see announcements on their page (Trainers -> My profile) in the upper-left, or on their trainer's page. Image 16
Image 16
What are the benefits of being a trainer at
System of bonuses and privilige
After your trainer status is confirmed, you will get 3 months of free access to all training courses. If you already have an active subscription (for instance, if you bought one) and become a trainer, the free 3-month subscription will start right after the current one expires. Your students can get 1 week free access to all courses. To make this option available, fill in the "Specify promo code" field (it can be anything - for instance, your surname). The field is in the left part of your profile, under the "Edit" button. Your students can then enter that promo code to receive the 1 week free access to courses. When your free 3-month sub expires, if you have at least three students with active subscription on any of our platforms, your subscription will get extended by 3 more months.
When your students buy courses or subscriptions at, you will receive 15% of the purchase on your balance. You can check your balance at any time in your profile.
When you you reach $50, the money can be transfered to your PayPal account. E-mail your trabsfer request to
How to add students
Creating an account for a student as a trainer
You can create a student account yourself. To do this, go to section Trainers in section Learn. On the My students tab, select Import and enter the data of the new student in the field through ;
First the username, then the password and the student's email.
Press the Trainers button. Do not forget to save your test student data somewhere so that you can later go through it and see what students see during your lesson.
Accounts created in this way can be distributed to students so that they do not have to register on the platform on their own and look for you in the list of trainers to apply.
How a user can become a trainer's student
If your student already has a Chess King account, don't create duplicates. Your student needs to find you in the list of trainers and press the become a student button:
After that, as a trainer, you need to accept the application in the section Trainers -> My students.
Sign up with a trainer at the link
To make it easier for the student to find you, give him a link to your profile - point 5 in the screenshot below.
Following the link, the student will need to click on the Become a student button under your profile picture.
Trainer promo code
If, when registering for Chess King, a user enters your coaching promo code (point 3 in the screenshot above), he will automatically become your student.
Lessons guide
How to start a lesson
To start a lesson, go to the Learn section (if you are not in it) and select Lessons at the top of the screen.
The lecture can be started immediately using the Start a lesson button, or it can be scheduled for a specific time and date - this is done using the Schedule a lesson button.
You can give lectures only for students - such lessons are not visible to anyone except invited students. You can also create открытую лекцию for everyone - this lesson will be visible to all users of the portal. Participation in an open lesson can be made paid - the trainer will receive 50% from the payment made.
For testing, we recommend using test students.
Начните тест, используя кнопку Start a lesson. Перед стартом лекции, вы можете выбрать, для каких учеников будет доступна лекция, таких учеников нужно отметить галочками. Затем нажмите кнопку Start.
Lesson screen
After the lesson starts, you will see the following:
Let's take a closer look at the important controls.
1. Настройка аудио/ видео
Прежде всего обратите внимание на самую верхнюю область синего цвета. С ее помощью настраивается аудио и видеосвязь между участниками.
  • Option "With camera/screen" is intended for lecturers, this mode will allow you to show lecture participants video from your camera, as well as share your computer screen, for instance to show pre-prepared training materials in other software.

    Video can be useful when working with children, it can help keep attention of the students. However, the video screen will be quite small and you should not expect anything grandiose from this option.
    Функция screen sharing может быть полезной, если у вас есть свои материалы в сторонних программах и форматах, которые вы хотите использовать для проведения занятий. Опция демонстрации экрана возможна только если на устройстве есть видеокамера, пока это такое техническое ограничение. При этом можно и не включать видеокамеру, а пользоваться только демонстрацией экрана, но камера все равно должна у вас быть.

  • The "Spectator Only" option is fine for students and also for you if you don't plan on using the video camera or screen sharing.

    Мы рекомендуем ученикам использовать опцию "Spectator Only", поскольку видеосвязь увеличивает нагрузку на устройства, и может вызывать “тормоза” у учеников, подключившихся со слабых телефонов или планшетов.

After you select one of the options, the browser will ask you for additional permission to use the microphone and video camera (in case you select "With camera/screen") - you need to grant such permissions. In case you want to replace one option with another, or if you have problems with sound or video, you can refresh the browser page with the F5 button or using the refresh page icon in the top line of the browser and issue all permissions.
2. Finish the lesson
With this button, you can end the lesson for all participants. Please note that you will not be able to restart that lesson again, only create a new one.
3. Панель инструментов
This is the board's control panel. The top three buttons allow you to set the position manually or upload the base in PGN format. The Headers button allows you to enter or view batch metadata from the PGN. Нижние 4 кнопки позволяют:
  • Hide: скрывает для слушателей все ходы после текущего. Может быть полезно, если вы загрузили партию в формате PGN и хотите обсудить какие-то моменты, не раскрывая, какие ходы были сыграны далее.
  • Blank move: передает ход другой стороне. Полезно для рассмотрения примеров, в которых расклад полностью меняется в зависимости от того, чей сейчас ход.
  • + Комментарии: Inserts/edits text comments for the current move.
  • + Маркеры: Inserts/edits markers for the current move. You can also place and remove markers with the right mouse button - see section "Chessboard" below.
4. Панель коммуникации
Here are buttons for managing interaction with participants.
  • ⛶ – скрывает для слушателей все ходы после текущего. Может быть полезно, если вы загрузили партию в формате PGN и хотите обсудить какие-то моменты, не раскрывая, какие ходы были сыграны далее.
  • Participants – by clicking on this button, you will open the listener management list. Next to each participant in the list you will see icons:
    • – gives control of the board to that participant. Users with access will have a Toolbar and the ability to make moves on the board. Next to the "Participants" you will see how many students are currently listening to your lecture.
    • – turns on/off the student's camera. Available if they have a camera connected.
    • – turns on/off the student's microphone. Available if they have a microphone connected.
  • – The button allows you to issue a test to all participants. By default, the current position on the board is used, but it can be modified. You also need to set the correct move that the participants will need to find, and you can change the number of points awarded for the correct answer and the time for solving. When everything is set, run the test by clicking on the orange button with a check mark.
  • Оставшиеся кнопки управляют звуком и видео с вашей стороны. , в этом же порядке: Начать демонстрацию экрана; Включить/выключить камеру; Включить/выключить микрофон; Включить/выключить звук.
5. Управление чатом.
Recent messages will be visible in the "Chat" area on the right side of the screen, where you can quickly reply if necessary. The “Chat” button on the left side of the screen will switch to a full chat window with all messages. The “Lesson” button will return you from the chat window to the main screen.
6. Export
The upper line displays the current position in FEN format. By clicking on , you can download the current game with comments and metadata in PGN format.
Interactive chessboard
Несколько слов о том, что можно сделать на основной шахматной доске.
I. Перемещение фигур
Перемещения фигур на доске подчиняются шахматным правилам. То есть фигуры ходят согласно правилам, и только когда их ход. Таким образом, в начале лекции можно сделать только ход белыми, затем ход черными и так далее.
II. Changing the position
You can change the current position by clicking the “Position” button on the toolbar. There it can be inserted in FEN format or entered manually by placing the pieces on the board.
III. Markers
Маркеры можно расставлять одним из двух способов.
  1. Right mouse button allows you to draw the most common markers.
    1. Right click on a square will highlight this square. The default highlight color is green. If you hold Shift, Ctrl or Alt while clicking, the color will be different.
    2. By push-and-dragging with right mouse button and dragging the cursor from one square to another, you will place a green arrow marker on the board. If you hold Shift, Ctrl or Alt at this time, the color will be different.
    3. By left clicking while holding down Ctrl on a marked square, or the first/last square of an arrow, you will delete the marker.
  2. Markers button on the Toolbar allows you to use all available markers: curved arrows, field highlights, crosses, images.
A game between two students.
You can invite two of your students to play some kind of chess position and then analyze the moves made. To do this, set the position from which you offer them to play and transfer control to them using the icon: - giving control of the board to the user.