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Training system by Mark Dvoretsky 7

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Tags: Strategy, Tactics, Middlegame, Endgame
Mark Dvoretsky is well known as the world's leading chess trainer. Many of his pupils have won World and European championships in their youth and got Grandmaster titles later on; Among them, Artur Yusupov, Nana Aleksandria, Sergey Dolmatov, and Aleksey Dreev took part in candidates' matches for the world championship. To a certain degree, the secret of many Soviet Grandmasters was due to Dvoretsky's efficient method of chess training, as well as with his unique exercise cardfile. In particular, there are many extremely instructive positional exercises as well as exercises designed for developing the qualities required for the practical player - searching in an optimal way and taking the right decisions. These exercises help, for example, to develop one's positional feeling, imagination, calculation technique, the art of setting traps or exchanging pieces favorably at the right moment... Not long ago, this cardfile was available only to his carefully selected pupils. Now, after extensive work computerizing, classifying, and verifying the material, it’s now possible for every aspiring chess playing to own it. It is particularly useful for advanced players - from experts to grandmasters. The computerized system enables you to use modern training methods which either were unavailable previously or could be used only in direct work with a trainer. It will bring first-class material to chess players and chess teachers to serve them for years, and help them to significantly improve their playing level. Part 7 of Mark Dvoretsky's Chess Training continues on the progress made in part 6 to offer 200 more useful chess exercises for the strong players to advance to higher levels.